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We know the winner of the international urban competition FLORENC 21


In March 2021, in collaboration with CSAD Praha holding a.s., the capital city of Prague, the city districts and the Prague Institute of Planning and Development, we have announced an urban competition, which helped to determine the future shape of the entire area around Florence – the largest brownfield in the centre of Prague, which follows up on the Masaryčka project.

The jury included the world’s top architects, and the public was also able to participate in the process via a questionnaire or a discussion. The design by UNIT architekti s.r.o., A69 - architekti omega replica and Marko&Placemakers has become the winner.

The jury appreciated its urban organisation within a reasonable scale and the designed connection between Těšnov and Žižkov with a new common area at the bottom of Žižkov. In addition, it solves the possibility of the new future location of the Magistrála highway in the Těšnov area, which gives the opportunity to create a new city park.

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