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The first IEM SPA branch in the Czech Republic has just opened in Masaryčka


At the end of January, the new IEM SPA branch opened its very first clinic in the Czech Republic. IEM SPA is not just an ordinary aesthetic clinic - it proposes a unique concept, where beauty and health are combined with psychological well-being and where the approach towards each client is truly unique. IEM SPA combines techniques and therapies from both scientific and natural medicine to help people feel better, look younger, to heal both body and mind.

The founders MUDr. Alena Pallová and PhDr. Romana Škamlová combined their many years of experience with a czech co-founder Simona Joklová to create a place full of rest, lasting beauty and pleasant experiences. The clinic offers not only top technologies and services from the best experts, but also a wide range of treatments – ranging from skin, hair, hands and feet care to body contouring and more invasive dermatological procedures. This brings to our building a high-end aesthetic clinic for men and women, but also a place where you can find professionals in the field of body care, who provide comprehensive care at the highest standard. Discover what IEM SPA can offer you at

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