masarycka connects

Office Hybernská has a winning design for a building adjacent to Masaryk Station


After the jury’s evaluation, two 1st places were awarded to the designs of OV-A and Klaska. Klaska was recommended by the jury for future cooperation with the investor and further development of the design.

“Rooted in the logic of the surrounding urban fabric, our design strives to craft a distinctive proposal that harmonizes with its environment. Historical architectural elements, including the cornice, façade depth, and richness of texture, are all translated into a contemporary architectural language, aligning with the scale and rhythm of neighbouring structures. Key original features, such as the arched openings, play a pivotal role in the organization of the building and are now prominently unveiled to the surrounding public realm through a transparent ground floor facade.” - Jakub Klaška, the founder of Klaska.

Visualisations by nega+iv, Proloog, Dousek-Zaborsky & Tymur Dovhal

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