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Masaryk Railway Station will get a unique platform


Masaryk Station will come alive with construction activity over the next three years. It has been serving railway transport for more than 175 years and will now undergo the biggest transformation in its history. Above the train tracks, an elevated green park will create space which will ease access from the surrounding districts to the train tracks below.

At the same time this will offer a new rest area right in the centre of the metropolis and connect Florenci and Opletalova streets. The modern look of the station will be appreciated by both suburban commuters and those who will soon be able to take the train to the airport.

"Masaryk Station is located in the middle of a dynamically developing area. Thanks to the modernisation, it will interconnect the adjacent streets and become an integral part of the surrounding development. It will no longer be necessary to go around it in a complicated way," said Transport Minister Martin Kupka.

"The modernisation envisages that Masaryčka will also become a starting point for trains to the airport. Therefore, we will increase not only the number of tracks at the platforms from seven to nine, but also those for trains terminating at Masaryk Station. The reconstruction of the track under Vítkov will then enable an increase in line speed," said Jiří Svoboda, Director General of the Railway Administration.

The most striking architectural element will be the platform above the entire track. "It will not only connect Florence with Hybernská Street and Masaryk Station with the Main Railway Station, but it will also facilitate access to the already completed buildings in the vicinity, i.e. the new Masaryčka office building or The Cloud One hotel, which is now welcoming its first guests," says David Musil, Penta Real Estate’s Business Director for Residential & Hospitality Real Estate.

The platform will also offer a new space for passengers waiting for the train. From there, escalators, stairs and lifts will take them directly to the individual platforms. Part of the platform will be planted with greenery, creating a relaxation zone, a new park right in the heart of the city. Photovoltaic cells will be used to power the lighting and the public address system, which will be built into the roof of the platforms. Rainwater captured in retention tanks will be used to irrigate the greenery. The greenery will also help reduce any heat island formation in the area.

On 11 January 2024, a groundbreaking ceremony was held and the work will be completed in 2027 at a cost of CZK 3.4 billion, a significant part of which will be covered by EU funding.

Visualisation: Penta Real Estate

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