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Last two retail units left!


The last vacant retail units are left at Masaryčka.

With the summer completion and opening of Masaryčka, the revitalization of the Na Florenci Street will come hand in hand. From autumn 2023 on, it will become a real urban – “high” – street, full of shops and restaurants. You can look forward to the iStyle and Bibelot stores, the IEM Spa parlour and the art Chemistry Gallery.

Nevertheless, genuine enjoyment can be expected by lovers of gastronomy. They will be able to choose from restaurants and cafés L'Osteria, Gare, Mori, Puro, Doubleshot, Ollies, Sakuras and others. And if you would like to open your unit at Masaryčka too, don't hesitate! There are last two available units left to rent.

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