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Introducing the completed Echoes of Concrete artwork


Garages of the premium Masaryčka office building are decorated with mural art, that connects humans with AI. The visual work titled Waves of Mind is an artistic response to the growing new world, that weaves into the existing historical structures of the city, bringing new waves, dynamics and directions. A huge concrete "canvas" with an area of two hundred square meters is located at the intersection of the newly created architecture and the surrounding environment.

The Waves of Mind mural art further develops the Echoes cycle, which we presented to the public at a recent press conference. The works on the walls are accompanied by ten statements of key actors, who were fundamentally involved in the Masaryčka project and which form a digital capsule called Echoes of Concrete. The DRAWetc studio team is behind its implementation.

These statements are digitized and store information about the development of the project, its functions and significance. The statements of the Masaryčka project team are accessible through the QR codes located in the garages. Further ones will be gradually incorporated in the premises of Masaryčka as well. "The aim of the current concept of the capsule is to convey to passers-by and future generations the message of the creators and the vision with which the entire project was created," explains Jindra Strejčková, strategist of the DRAWetc studio.'

You can view the work and the animation here.

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