masarycka connects

First mural in the Czech Republic to combine AI and human touch created in Masaryčka


It is safe to state that Zaha Hadid's new buildings are not lacking in art, even in the most unexpected places. The entrance walls of the underground car park offered a perfect canvas for an artwork called Waves of Mind. Created by the team of visual artists from DRAWetc.

this absolutely unique project in the Czech Republic, where technology and people are connected, supports the main claim of the project: Masaryčka connects. Throughout the 3 years of growth of the new palace in the centre of Prague, the Masaryčka project has been a symbol of new technologies and the connection between the surroundings of the Masaryk train station and the inhabitants of the city. 

The mural art can be imagined as a large-scale painting created by the art studio according to the architect's design. The 200m2 area is a combination of AI, whose references were recomposed and freely interpreted by the team of visual artists.

"It's really interesting to work with a visual motive that comes not from human thought, but from a machine generation. But the result is a remarkable work of art that can amaze on any scale - even one as generous as the Masarycka interiors," says Vladimír Strejček about the realisation. The first part of the project will soon be followed by the preparation of a second work of art, which you can look forward to.

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