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Electromobility at Masaryčka: Are electric cars the future?


A truly interesting meeting dedicated to electromobility took place recently within the underground garages of the Masaryčka office building, which we were happy to host in cooperation with the company Charge Up. It came at the right time - just after the National Development Bank announced a two-billion dollar subsidy for new electric cars for companies, a move supporting more sustainable means of transport.

The event also caught the attention of the media, where project manager Štěpán Pergler commented on our approach to electromobility in the main evening news. Although the discussion at the conference was technically oriented, with an emphasis on details for experts from the automotive field, the topic of electromobility attracted a wide range of interested parties, as it concerns practically all property owners and everyone, who drives cars for personal daily use.

Although electric cars still account for the minority (2-3%) on the market, we are already thinking about the future and installing electric car connections for aprox. 30% of parking spaces in new Penty Real Estate buildings. This initiative ensures the long-term sustainability of our properties, at the same time it is economically advantageous to carry out the installation already within the construction phase. The interest in office spaces clearly reflects the growing trend of electromobility, when almost all of our clients request parking spaces for electric cars. In practice, these places make up about 8-10% of the total number of rented parking spaces, with a gradual percentual increase. We observe a similar trend in residential projects, such as the luxurious Victoria Palace or the more affordable Rezidence Juliska and Waltrovka. There is a high interest in electromobility especially among clients with higher incomes.

On the other hand, for developers electromobility is also a challenge due to new fire standards. Measures in this context mean additional costs of approximately 70,000 czech crowns per parking space, this sum goes even higher for residential buildings.

This event was a step to promote electromobility and an indicator of how our modern office buildings are prepared for the needs of the future and of our clients. Thank you to all participants. The next debate on electromobility will take place shortly in our other new building, Metalica, and should bring answers to how large Czech cities are preparing for the development of electromobility.

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